Cloud Catalyst. Healthcare Protector.

Our Brand Story
Healthcare innovation in the cloud can be a daunting responsibility. ClearDATA intimately understands the opportunities and challenges – leveraging a decade of specialized healthcare privacy and security knowledge in protecting countless patient records as healthcare organizations move to the cloud.

We are a catalyst for healthcare’s modernization in the cloud — protecting your data throughout digital transformation and partnering with you for the long haul. Our platform and services operationalize your privacy and security strategy – accelerating your ambitious cloud objectives while ensuring continuous cloud security and compliance, visualizing and strategically prioritizing risk, and fortifying your data with sophisticated Managed Defense programs across a multi-cloud ecosystem.

Harness healthcare-specific SaaS and services and secure your sensitive data from design time through run time. Transform and scale with confidence.

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Our Value

ClearDATA is your trusted partner, protecting healthcare data in the cloud with proprietary healthcare technology and services – so you can operationalize your privacy and security, and accelerate your digital transformation.

Our Personality

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Our Messaging Pillars

Target Buyers & Priorities

For healthcare industry, technology, security and privacy leaders who want a trusted partner to protect their sensitive data and help them innovate in the cloud

Positioning Statement

ClearDATA is a cloud platform and services company that employs healthcare-specific SaaS and services to operationalize privacy and security – demonstrating compliance and remediating risk


Automate and enforce continuous cloud security and healthcare compliance

High-Level Statement

Establish a secure cloud initiative—and keep it that way—with ClearDATA. Our unique formula of healthcare-specific SaaS and services enable us to automate and enforce continuous cloud security and healthcare compliance.

Supporting Points

  • Our sophisticated tooling, in combination with Managed Defense and Cloud Operations Services deliver a cloud ecosystem that prevents, detects, and remediates compliance drift and sensitive data security gaps through software and services to meet HIPAA and other regulatory frameworks.
  • The ClearDATA platform automatically configures the appropriate technical controls to protect, monitor and remediate noncompliant activity across cloud environments.
  • Proven, proprietary healthcare technical reference architectures – mapped to HIPAA, HITRUST and GDPR – integrate the highest standards of security designed specifically to protect sensitive healthcare data.
  • Intuitive real-time dashboards audit compliance status across cloud environments and even at the application level—producing highly customized reports for full visibility and control.


Identify, visualize and strategically prioritize risk

High-Level Statement

The ClearDATA privacy and security management platform identifies, visualizes and strategically prioritizes risk to protect health data across all cloud environments through a single pane of glass.

Supporting Points

  • Our proprietary algorithms provide a deep, quantifiable assessment of your environment’s risk profile so you can prioritize resources to maximize immediate impact to your risk posture.
  • The ClearDATA Healthcare Privacy and Security Management Platform proves compliance, with both automated and managed cloud security, and actively eliminates misconfiguration in your cloud environment.
  • The ClearDATA IAM visualization mapping is a solution to the complexity of permissions management—offering intuitive visualization and analysis to inform efficient and effective controls for your cloud-based ecosystem.
  • Our veteran team of Managed Defense Services will work with you to capture your strategic objectives and design custom risk assessment and mitigation programs, fostering your comprehensive understanding of your institutional risk.
  • We deliver comprehensive HIPAA security risk assessment (SRA) services, reviewing physical, administrative and technical controls. We extend those services with proprietary, intuitive  software offering in-depth reporting and a detailed remediation planning with prioritization recommendations, task assignment and accountability, and project management support – clearing the path to HIPAA compliance.
  • Detect and locate PHI with the ClearDATA Healthcare Privacy and Security Management Platform – enabling a strategic roadmap to assess risk, manage access and safely harness the analytical value of latent data.


ClearDATA Managed Defense combines healthcare-centric threat intelligence, security technology and expertise

High-Level Statement

ClearDATA Managed Defense combines healthcare centric cyber threat intelligence, best-of-breed security technology and highly specialized expertise to protect your organization from modern cyber threats while minimizing false positives and decreasing response times.

Supporting Points

  • The ClearDATA Security Operations Center (SOC) extends your frontline security team with GIAC Certified Incident Handlers that leverage our unique threat intelligence to provide 24/7/365 security monitoring and protection for your critical healthcare workloads.
  • Dedicated engineers deploy and maintain best-of-breed endpoint, network, and cloud native security technologies to protect your data. Our layered approach consists of hundreds of thousands of sensors across AWS, Azure and GCP, yielding unparalleled visibility into attacks targeting healthcare organizations across the globe.
  • Threat researchers track active malicious campaigns and provide security teams with actionable intelligence. Proactive threat hunting pursues indicators of attack (IoA) and indicators of compromise (IoC) often overlooked by reactive detection techniques.
  • ClearDATA Managed Defense evaluates environments and provides continuous insight into vulnerabilities across running workloads and keeps you up to date with patch management services.


Secure digital health innovation on the cloud quickly via built-in healthcare privacy & security controls

High-Level Statement

ClearDATA helps you integrate built-in healthcare privacy and security controls quickly – from design throughout runtime – so you can rapidly innovate in the cloud.

Supporting Points

  • Our integrated privacy and security controls enable healthcare organizations to get their applications up and running quickly, with a cloud ecosystem that begins at design and extends throughout  runtime.
  • Specialized ClearDATA advisors can guide your team’s application of DevSecOps principles to help secure patient health information (PHI) throughout the lifecycle of the application—building security and privacy into the software lifecycle and maximizing operational efficiency.
  • Our Managed Defense team is laser focused on your security posture – orchestrating and deploying a layered defense strategy to configure, deploy and manage tools for intrusion protection, intrusion detection, and log monitoring across the three public clouds. The resulting threat intelligence provides deep insight into the latest threats menacing the healthcare industry.
  • Born in healthcare, we have a deep understanding of healthcare and life sciences, and we understand the nuances of a highly regulated industry. We are uniquely prepared to address your  specific objectives and challenges to help build a rapid deployment framework achieve your most ambitious cloud objectives.​
  • ClearDATA Terraform templates and pre-built modules are the key to harnessing the speed and agility possible in the cloud.  With them in hand, your developers can efficiently build and deploy compliant infrastructure that remains that way. In combination with the automation of the ClearDATA platform, you can both enforce the appropriate technical controls as well as provide compliance status throughout the lifecycle of the application.​