Data Protection in the Cloud. Purpose-Built for Healthcare.

Our Brand Story

As a healthcare organization, you don’t have time to struggle with inefficient healthcare data and cloud operations. You need the right tools and resources to help you keep PHI data secure and compliant. Together with your team, you face constant risks of data breaches and cyber threats – one attack can compromise patient privacy and your intellectual property.

At ClearDATA, we understand the highly complex nature of healthcare and how to protect your data. We give you full visibility, protection, and remediation to keep your healthcare data compliant and secure in the public cloud.

The challenges facing healthcare – from constantly evolving compliance standards to relentless cyber attackers – never stop. At ClearDATA, neither do we.

Our cloud security posture management (CSPM) and Managed Detection & Response (MDR) software and services are purpose-built to protect PHI and other sensitive healthcare data. We maintain continuous security and compliance for full visibility, protection, and enforcement of security and compliance measures in the public cloud.

Our healthcare-native CSPM software includes over 100 safeguards mapped to HIPAA and other regulatory frameworks. It prevents, detects, and remediates compliance drift and sensitive data security gaps across all three major public clouds.

Cloud security and compliance for healthcare: It’s what we do at ClearDATA – so you don’t have to.

Opportunities for Differentiation

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  • Value Imparted

Our Value

ClearDATA is the only provider of cloud security and compliance software and services purpose-built for healthcare, enabled by the powerful CyberHealth™ Platform. Our cloud security posture management (CSPM) and Managed Detection & Response (MDR) solutions offer full visibility, protection, and enforcement of security and compliance measures to protect PHI and other sensitive healthcare data in the public cloud.

Our Personality

ClearDATA is...

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  • Healthcare IP & Expertise

Our Messaging Pillars

Target Buyers & Priorities

Healthcare provider, payer and HealthTech industry leaders in the C-suite, as well as VPs and Director-level power users/influencers.

Positioning Statement

ClearDATA is the first and most comprehensive provider of healthcare data compliance, operations, and security services across the public cloud, backed by teams of experts, managed services and a self-service platform.


Continuous Compliance

Industry and regulatory compliance integration, enforcement, and automation

High-Level Statement

ClearDATA’s SaaS and managed cloud security posture management (CSPM) solutions, powered by the CyberHeath™ Platform, enforce continuous compliance with visibility, automation, and audit-ready remediation, designed to adhere to standards like HIPAA, HITRUST, NIST, and ISO27001.

Supporting Points

  • The power of ClearDATA’s industry-leading cloud security posture management (CSPM) software, the CyberHealth Platform, and our comprehensive managed compliance services – delivered by expert compliance engineers – keep your healthcare cloud continuously compliant with HIPAA HITRUST, NIST, ISO27001, and more common frameworks.
  • With our Cloud Compliance managed service, compliance engineers apply a criticality score to your assessment findings and work closely with you to assess and understand risks, to resolve or assist with remediation, and to talk through any questions or issues. They also assist in the proactive design of new resources with a necessary compliance lens.
  • Cloud Compliance aligns vulnerability management, risk mitigation, and regulatory compliance with IT organizations’ operations and security responsibilities by providing and enforcing the use of operating system images hardened to CIS standards, providing OS patch management, and container image vulnerability scanning (where applicable). Named compliance engineers proactively work to achieve and maintain compliance.
  • Cloud Compliance augments your governance, risk, and compliance teams with the CyberHealth Platform’s audit-ready tooling that delivers a cloud ecosystem that prevents and detects misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. It remediates compliance drift and security gaps across multiple cloud environments, meeting the HIPAA Security Rule requirements, and adhering to HITRUST CSF 9.5.1 standards.
  • The CyberHealth Platform provides intuitive, real-time automation that provides audit compliance status across cloud environments and even at the application level – producing highly customized reports for complete visibility and control.
  • The CyberHealth Platform automatically configures the appropriate technical controls to protect, monitor, and remediate noncompliant activity across cloud environments.
  • Proven, proprietary healthcare technical reference architectures – aligned with HIPAA, HITRUST, and GDPR – integrate the highest standards of compliance to specifically protect patient and healthcare data.
  • With PHI identification and containment, we ensure your Protected Health Information (PHI) stays secure and is only where it needs to be. Our systems detect PHI and provide you with resource remediations to verify and resolve potential vulnerabilities.
  • When remediation is necessary, you have the flexibility to choose how you want to remediate with the help of our team. Compliance engineers regularly review your environment to identify potential resources that have drifted out of compliance and may not be suited for self-remediation. That’s when a compliance engineer is ready to complete a guided remediation in partnership with your team.
  • Our negotiated BAA allows you to shift areas of risk to ClearDATA.


Managed Detection & Response

Healthcare-focused cyber threat intelligence, monitoring, and remediation

High-Level Statement

ClearDATA Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services combine monitoring, threat intelligence, and industry-leading technology to provide a complete first line of defense against cyber threats & vulnerabilities.

Supporting Points

  • ClearDATA’s Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service is designed exclusively for healthcare. We don’t just detect threats; we empower healthcare organizations with advanced technology, compliance expertise, and dedicated response services. 
  • The Four Components of Our MDR Service: Prepare, Detect, Respond, Recover: Each of our services is underpinned by rigorous processes, from Prepare where we ensure a smooth start, to Detect where our vigilant eyes watch over your systems, and Respond and Recover where we ensure threats are handled efficiently and lessons are learned.
  • The ClearDATA Security Operations Center (SOC) extends your frontline security team with Certified Incident Handlers who leverage our unique threat intelligence to provide 24/7/365 security monitoring and protection for your critical healthcare workloads.
  • Dedicated engineers deploy and maintain endpoint security and vulnerability management technologies to protect your data. Our layered approach consists of hundreds of thousands of sensors across AWS, Azure, and GCP – yielding unparalleled visibility into attacks targeting healthcare organizations across the globe.
  • Our threat researchers track active malicious campaigns and provide your security teams with actionable intelligence. Proactive threat hunting pursues indicators of attack (IoA) and indicators of compromise (IoC), often overlooked by reactive detection techniques.
  • Our MDR services are bolstered by a fully managed Extended Detection & Response (XDR) platform. Tailored integrations can further enhance the threat detection and response capabilities. 
  • We evaluate environments and provides continuous insight into vulnerabilities across running workloads.


Cloud Operations

Proactive cloud infrastructure design, management, and maintenance

High-Level Statement

ClearDATA Cloud Operations services leverage the CyberHealth™ Platform to proactively configure, monitor, and troubleshoot cloud infrastructure in AWS, Azure, and GCP environments to minimize operational overhead and reduce risk.

Supporting Points

  • Proactive oversight and administration support for all 200+ services on each public cloud, to ensure they adhere to established regulations, standards, and best practices.
  • Routine monitoring, updates, and reviews, with a focus on safeguarding data, maintaining privacy, and meeting industry-specific requirements, like HIPAA, HITRUST, NIST, and ISO27001.
  • ClearDATA’s engineers provide healthcare-specific designs from a security and compliance perspective and have the internal resources and expertise to create bespoke solutions as desired.
  • Managed Cloud Operations also requires a ClearDATA Business Associate Agreement (BAA), which is tailored to each customer to provide shared responsibility around the handling of PHI in their environment(s).
  • Support and troubleshooting for the CyberHealth™ Platform during business hours, as well as access to the knowledge base and documentation, including tutorials and FAQs. When the platform is not working as intended or customers need help with performance issues, alerts or outages, we will work with them via our ticketing system and remote diagnostic tools to resolve any software challenges and ensure continuous performance.
  • These services are 24×7 – core services are typically provided during business hours and our team is on-call for business-critical issue resolution around the clock.